HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

Lath The PewPew Chicken?

The Future Lath?

The Future Lath?

In the time I have played Lath the occasions have been pretty few and far between that my services as DPS have been required.  In fact 99% of the time guildies & friends are whispering me hoping I will help them as a healer with <insert group activity here>.

When dual spec was released I was pretty excited.  My DPS output while in a resto raiding spec is pretty abysmal.  Doing dailies and quests was quite painful and finding out that with a click of the button, I could change to a balance build sounded like a dream come true.

While my guild mainly focuses on 25 man raiding, I am part of a 10 man weekly run that has started to focus strongly on hard modes.  Quite a few of these hard modes only require 2 healers and I’m sure there will be many fights that a paladin/holy priest healing combo will be much more effective then a druid/paladin, druid/priest duo.

Dual spec has been out for a good couple of months and I could probably count on 1 hand the number of occasions I have spent embracing the chicken within.  I made a conscious decision over the weekend that it is time to stop neglecting my pewpew side.

Where Do I Start?

This was surprisingly really hard.  Predominantly playing a healer, I have perhaps looked down a little bit on DPS seeing it as an easier role to excel at.  A quick check at the heroic dummies in Ironforge proved otherwise. I decided to make a list of what I need to learn to pull off competitive DPS:

  • PVE Talent Build
  • Glyphs
  • Gear
  • Gems/Enchants
  • Rotation

I found a really good site called which had some clear articles outlining glyph choices, talent guilds and gemming info.  This was a great place to start and I quickly replicated the suggested talent guild and chose my balance glyphs for best DPS output.

Gear was a bigger puzzle and as a big fan of Loot Rank I was really keen to find the widely accepted weightings to plug in and create a spreadsheet of gear to look out for.  I am still on the lookout for this – so far I am yet to find updated weightings for patch 3.1 after wading through countless forum posts and blogs.

What Did I Learn?

I learnt that quite a few of my old healing pieces are actually quite good for Moonkin.

I learnt that gemming for Moonkin is actually not that different to gemming for resto.

I discovered that crit strike while nice, isn’t actually that important to Moonkins & haste is much tastier.

I learnt that getting decent DPS figures is actually quite hard!  My first go at the heroic dummy in Ironforge had me clocking about 2k DPS.  A reread of specific rotations and I got that up to 3.1k, still not great but much more acceptable.

Where To From Here?

My goals for the week are to practice preferably in a heroic dungeon or easy 10 man doing pewpew DPS.  I think this will be difficult for me…. I find it very hard to get out of the healing mentality and if I’m honest with myself, I have trust issues letting other healers heal my tanks O.O

The other goal this week is to work out what gear upgrades are useful for me. I guess this means I’m back to wading through the forums getting this information together.

Updates on my DPS journey to come!



2 Responses to “Lath The PewPew Chicken?”

  1. CongiNo Gravatar says

    I’ve also been slowly trying to get a decent DPS set for my chicken. I like healing but sometimes I just want to mess things up. Does that make me evil?

    My main issue at the moment is getting enough hit. At the moment my DPS drops off significantly because I’m missing too often. Elitist jerks as always is a nice source of information. The URL below has some great introductory information:

    The stat priority is:

    Hit rating > Spellpower > Haste rating > Crit rating > Intellect > Spirit.

    These figures give a pretty base for evaluating gear:

    Hit rating: 2.0 (until hit capped)
    Spellpower: 1.3
    Haste rating: 1.2
    Crit rating: 0.8
    Intellect: 0.5
    Spirit: 0.4

    A lot of healing gear has good spellpower & haste but has no hit. It also tends to favor spirit over intellect.

    So until I reach the cap I’m prioritizing hit gems for my DPS stuff.

    I’m actually trying to put together a feral set too but I don’t have many pieces yet. At the moment feral is outperforming moonkin by a fair margin. They’re nerfing it a little but it should still perform very well even post nerf with the added side benefit of being more viable in PvP.

  2. LathereNo Gravatar says

    I’m pretty lucky, I picked up quite a few hit pieces in Naxx 25 that have been collecting dust in the bank. Overall in chicken form I have 283 hit, which is more than enough if I’ve got a spriest in the raid. Apparently most moonkins aim for about 265 hit.

    Also because I always placed a large emphasis on spell power in my resto druid weightings I think the gear is quite matched up.

    I’m going to keep tinkering and searching but will let you know how it goes!

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