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Lath Loves the Big Freaky Brain!

Yogg Saron

Ok I really really really like the Yogg Saron fight.  It is so cool it has toppled raid boss Leotheras the Blind off his long held number 1 position of Lath’s  favourite boss fight.

Well we can’t actually kill Yoggy yet…. we are still struggling with phase 3, but thats ok I know we’ll get there soon enough.  Also the lucky Lath gets to be the portal healer and it is so awesome going into the brain and shattering his illusions!

Because I love this fight so much I want you all to see how great it is too! I’ve recorded a video of one of our Monday night attempts to share with you all.

Happy watching!

Lath xoxoxox

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5 Responses to “Lath Loves the Big Freaky Brain!”

  1. ValkureNo Gravatar says

    Oh god, Leotharas favorite?! Then again I was a druid off tank so I can see why I dreaded it. Hm, as I think about it, it was FUN just often times painful.

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      I think I just loved the whole fighting off your inner demon thing :P Though I will admit all the 1% wipes before he enraged were a bit painful lol.

  2. thelyseNo Gravatar says

    grats (for passing phase 2). my guild went to ulduar 10 and we couldn’t get pass phase 2.

    • LathereNo Gravatar says

      Phase 2 was a bit of a struggle at first – it took a few attempts to work out a good number of people to send through the portals and get the hang of getting down all the tentacles up the top! I would like to think that sending a permanent healer into the portals (that would be me :) ) made a big difference to our phase 2 attempt!

  3. CassandriNo Gravatar says

    Yep I definately agree with Lath – phase 2 is all about getting the right people to sort out the portals. If they get their timing right everything on the outside (the Crusher, Corruptor and Constrictor tentacles) freezes and gives you time to catch up and kill stuff.

    On 10 man the other night we scaled it down to two melee, myself and Lath (as the healer) in the portals. But when our guild was learning this fight it took us several nights before we saw real improvement in phase 2.

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