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Deep Fried Plantains and Pumpkins

Not content with my new Guardian of Cenarius title I wandered over to Felwood to sweet talk the Timbermaw into granting me Exalted reputation. Unfortunately I couldn’t just talk them into it. They wanted proof that I was slaughtering their enemies by bringing back Deadwood Headdress Feather.

There are 2 evil furbolg camps in Felwood you can clear to gain rep and feathers and a couple of furbolg camps in Winterspring you can clear to gain rep and spirit beads.

The fastest camp to grind Timbermaw rep, in my experience, is just north of the Talonbranch Glade flight path in Felwood. These guys will give you 20 reputation per kill until you reach Revered, drop feathers for turn ins and also drop Runecloth.

They also like to eat bananas so expect to fill your bags with several stacks of Deep Fried Plantains.

The second camp in Felwood is just southwest of Emerald Sanctuary at the southern end of the zone. The furbolgs here are slightly lower in level and grant 20 rep per kill (til Revered, 22 if you’re Human of course), drop feathers but they drop Mageweave instead of Runecloth and these guys are fond of pumpkins, not bananas.

I’d recommend checking out the cloth prices on your server before picking a camp to grind. On Barthilas Runecloth is incredibly cheap and goes for about 3g per stack while Mageweave goes for 10g per stack. Guess which camp I chose to spend most of my time in?

Remember to make the most out of your time save your feathers until you can’t progress any further by killing mobs and then hand them in. You need just over 300 feathers to go from Revered to Exalted.

ps. Both camps also have 1 named mob (with a dark grey fur) that will grant 60 reputation each kill even after reaching Revered.

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