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Death to the Immortal Guardians (and Yogg and Sara)

My guild was pretty disheartened after Thursday’s raid. We had entered Ulduar that night determined to kill Yogg for the first time. Each attempt we perfected the second phase, carefully balancing the dps in the portals and staying on top of the spawning tentacles but everything just seemed to fall apart in the last phase. Yogg-Saron just wouldn’t die.

Well at little bit of research after the raid turned up this advice:

Note that if the Immortal Guardians are tanked within 20 yards of Yogg-Saron, Yogg-Saron will also be healed by Empowering Shadows.

I think this might have been where we went wrong. Our positioning in the last phase just wasn’t working on Thursday night. Healers were getting slaughtered by spawning Immortal Guardians before the tanks could taunt and we (including the Immortal Guardians) were stacked right up next to the Yogg dome – definately within 20 yards.

Fast forward to last night (Sunday). We blunder through phases 1 & 2 and with a little change in positioning somehow get Yogg down on our third attempt.

Yogg-Saron killed using a special raid composition, Absence of Lathere.

Yogg-Saron killed using a special raid composition, Absence of Lathere.


Talk about messy!

I spent the whole fight killing Immortal Guardians, Tentacles and then some more Immortal Guardians in between Dispel Magic and Cure Disease. I think I put about 10 DoTs up on Yogg during phase 3 all together so I personally don’t feel like I killed Yogg-Saron at all.

I guess you could say I helped the other dps kill Yogg-Saron.

Next week I’m going to do a bit less dispelling and a bit more DPS!

ps. What’s the deal with Sara? I think she’s been possessed by Yogg-Saron or something so by killing Yogg, have we killed her?

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  1. LathereNo Gravatar says

    I’m still crying that I missed last nights brain downing! God Damn computers /sigh

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    Thanks for the feedback Mary!

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