HoTs and DoTs: A Restoration Druid and Shadow Priest

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Horde & Alliance Faction Swapping!

Ooooooh this is so exciting - Blizzard blues have said that they are working on a way for players to switch factions. My cute little blood elf mage who is languishing away because most of my mates play alliance, may get to hit 80 after all! You can read the full post from Blizzard here. Cheers [...]

A Day in Eastern Plaguelands

I headed over to Eastern Plaguelands, originally to take on Stratholme by myself, and ended up working on the level 60 quests in Western and Eastern Plaguelands. My curiosity led me down Terrorweb Tunnel where I came across a rare giant spider spawn and killed it. 20 silver thank you! And out the other end of the Tunnel, at the very western border of Eastern Plaguelands was a tiny hut, a horse and Tirion Fordring.

Lath The PewPew Chicken?

In the time I have played Lath the occasions have been pretty few and far between that my services as DPS have been required. In fact 99% of the time guildies & friends are whispering me hoping I will help them as a healer with .

When dual spec was released I was pretty excited. My DPS output while in a resto raiding spec is pretty abysmal. Doing dailies and quests was quite painful and finding out that with a click of the button, I could change to a balance build sounded like a dream come true.

OMG Shadowcrawl

It turns out that I have been greatly underestimating the abilities of my little pet, the Shadowfiend.

Lath’s All Time Favourite Raid Bosses

I’ve killed Yoggy now and even after many many wipes I still think that he is my favourite boss fight. Cass on the other hand experienced the Yogg portals for the first time on our 10 man run and absolutely can’t stand it. This made me start thinking about what other boss fights have I really enjoyed since I started raiding in BC. Below is a count down of my top 5 fights:

Death to the Immortal Guardians (and Yogg and Sara)

Sunday night. We blunder through phases 1 & 2 and with a little change in positioning somehow get Yogg-Saron down on our third attempt.

Missing my Frozen Shadoweave Armor

I’ve admitted it. Tier 7 is the first tier set that I have collected in World of Warcraft… and I’m getting hooked on the whole matching set thing.

My Secret Healing Shame

I have identified a terrible healing problem within myself…. At some point over the last few weeks I’ve begun to mourn silently whenever I’m assigned to heal a tank. I don’t quite know when I made this transition; back in BC I was always happy to be in charge of our tanks. How did this internal tantrum come about? I have my suspicions that a number of incidents have occurred making me a raid healing addict.

World of Blood Elf Paladins

They’re everywhere you go. Blood Elf Paladins with spiffy long blonde hair and matching golden spell animations, hammer and judgements raining down while they hack at mobs with a sword. They’re all Ret. And they’re everywhere you turn.

My Recent Addiction to Rep Grinds

I’m not sure what has happened, but sometime in the last fortnight I have become a tad obsessed with reputation grinds. I think it may have had something to do with my brother gifting me the adorable Teldrassil Sproutling which he received from the Argent Tournament. Being a vanity pet collector, I decided to check [...]